Every acupuncturist has a goal of helping patients feel better as soon as possible. Some people may only need one acupuncture treatment, but most people will need at least two or three treatments before they start feeling better. This is disappointing for some patients, but if you think about it, there isn’t a magical treatment out there that cures all conditions with one treatment. Here are five reasons why you could require multiple acupuncture treatments.

Your Condition Has Been Ongoing For Many Years

You may need to get acupuncture therapy for several weeks or months if you’ve had a particular condition for many years. A person who has dealt with migraines, for example, for 10+ years will require more treatments than someone who has only had a few in the last month or so.

Your Current Health Status is Poor

People who are in good overall health may need fewer acupuncture treatments than those who don’t have the best health. When you get an acupuncture treatment, many different aspects of your health are taken into consideration, including the types and amounts of medication you may be on.

Your Condition is Severe

More serious conditions may require multiple treatments before you even start feeling better. Chronic illnesses and serious autoimmune conditions fall into the category of requiring several treatments, no matter how good your overall health is.

You Don’t Follow Your Acupuncturists Recommendations

When you get acupuncture for pain relief, you need to follow the recommendations set forth by your acupuncturist between treatments. Many times your acupuncturist will recommend altering your diet or lifestyle slightly in order for the acupuncture treatment to be most effective. By not following these recommendations, you may have to go in for more treatments than you initially thought.

You’re Constantly Stressed or Tired

You may have a stressful or tiring lifestyle, whether it’s due to work issues, a busy family life or other reasons. If these stressful situations are unavoidable, you may benefit from regular acupuncture therapy. Getting multiple treatments over an extended period of time may help you cope with the stress or have more energy to get through your day, but you may have to get a few treatments to see any results.

On Point Acupuncture & Wellness strives to make patients feel better with as few acupuncture treatments as possible. Kalpesh Patel, L.Ac. is our licensed acupuncturist who is always straightforward with patients. If you are in need of an acupuncture treatment for any reason, be sure to visit our Southlake office or give us a call to book an appointment today.