Bringing Energy and Flow Back to Your Body

Get your body functioning how it was created to be.

Get your body functioning how it was created to be.

Our mission is to help you achieve optimum health using a time tested, constantly evolving approach to healing that has effectively treated people for thousands of years.

OPA Acupuncture

The acupuncture clinic Flower Mound is run by the Licensed Acupuncturist Kalpesh Patel. He is an expert in acupuncture and herbology. We are a wellness clinic dedicated to improving our clients’ health using all-natural methods. We have a unique focus on sports medicine proving an athlete the best treatment an acupuncture clinic Flower Mound can offer! Athletes love using our services to help heal injuries and to improve general performance and well-being. We make sure our Flower Mound pain management services will help you feel your best and do your best.

Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy that helps many conditions. Problems such as chronic pain, headaches, weight problems, digestive problems, emotional stress, addiction, and much more can be helped by acupuncture. If pharmaceuticals and other mainstream medical treatments continue to fail you, try an all-natural solution proven to work like acupuncture Flower Mound residents deserve. Our acupuncture treatments are tailor-made to suit your needs and your body. Flower Mound acupuncture will leave you feeling rejuvenated in 2-3 hours. We also offer cosmetic acupuncture, which improves the appearance of acne and wrinkles.

Cupping is a traditional Oriental practice similar to acupuncture. It works by facilitating the flow of qi throughout your body. Like acupuncture, cupping is very versatile, benefiting the circulatory, muscular, and lymphatic systems. The experience is similar to a deep-tissue massage. Cupping will help you relax and reduce recovery time if you have an injury. If you’re tired of dealing with chronic pain, muscle soreness, or fatigue, try a cupping session at an acupuncture clinic Flower Mound locals can relate too.

Traditional herbal medicine is a great solution to those who find pharmaceuticals to be underwhelming. Like acupuncture and cupping, traditional Chinese herbs use a holistic approach that takes your whole body and the entirety of your health into consideration. If you find that pharmaceuticals don’t alleviate your symptoms, don’t fix the underlying problem, or cause undesirable side effects, consider herbal medicine here at Flower Mound Acupuncture Clinic.

Flower Mound pain management is dedicated to helping you achieve the health that you deserve. We offer free 30-minute consultations. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment and get started with acupuncture to begin the pain management process at Acupuncture Clinic Flower Mound.

Our Facility

Currently in Southlake & Irving

We want our patients to enjoy a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. We do so by providing quiet individual or group rooms, calming music and a clean environment. Our facility is focused around our patients needs and designed to allow for optimal treatment.

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We believe our patients deserve the best. Its time to get your body functioning how it was created to be. Our friendly team is here ready to serve you.