Bringing Energy and Flow Back to Your Body

Get your body functioning how it was created to be.

Get your body functioning how it was created to be.

Our mission is to help you achieve optimum health using a time tested, constantly evolving approach to healing that has effectively treated people for thousands of years.

OPA Acupuncture

Take Control of Pain Management with Acupuncture

On Point Acupuncture and Wellness provides you with a comprehensive acupuncture clinic Grapevine residents can count on to help you to tackle pain management. If you are living with chronic pain on a daily basis, it can be overwhelming and debilitating, stopping you from living a full life.

When medication and surgery fail or are not an option, you need to find solutions that will improve your quality of life. Acupuncture could be the answer that you are looking for in your battle against pain.

Turn to an Ancient Approach

For thousands of years, acupuncture has offered an effective treatment alternative that treats a host of conditions, tapping into the natural pathways of energy that are found in the human body. When you turn to us for acupuncture Grapevine residents will receive the benefits to help in their struggle against pain. The founder, Licensed Acupuncturist Kalpesh Patel, has the skills and experience to pinpoint the source of your pain. Grapevine pain management is possible through this effective alternative. When other options have failed or haven’t produced long-term results, our acupuncture clinic Grapevine offers you solutions. On Point Acupuncture can help.

Pain Management and More

You want to find Grapevine pain management and you’ve come to the right place at On Point Acupuncture. In addition to acupuncture Grapevine services, you can benefit from cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, essential oils, and massage. The main goal is to get to the root of your problems, locating the source of your pain, and having an understanding of any disturbances in the flow of energy in your body. When you place yourself in the talented hands of a skilled acupuncturist, you will finally be able to find a release from pain that does not depend on drugs or invasive surgery. Learn insights about lifestyle changes and other treatments that can improve your quality of life. When you need an acupuncture clinic Grapevine that can offer you solutions, On Point Acupuncture is here for you to tailor a treatment plan that will target and manage your pain.

Our Facility

Currently in Southlake & Irving

We want our patients to enjoy a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. We do so by providing quiet individual or group rooms, calming music and a clean environment. Our facility is focused around our patients needs and designed to allow for optimal treatment.

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We believe our patients deserve the best. Its time to get your body functioning how it was created to be. Our friendly team is here ready to serve you.