Special Black Friday Promotion

This expires at 12:00 am on 11/28/17 so hurry and take advantage.

This is the perfect opportunity for you or someone you know to try out acupuncture or cupping. Our offer is $129 for the initial acupuncture consultation and treatment, plus a follow-up acupuncture treatment visit. Normally doing all of these services you would pay $228. Or if you would like to do cupping the offer is $100 for the initial cupping consultation and treatment, plus a follow-up cupping treatment visit. Normally for these cupping visits it would be $180.

If you need relief, this is a great opportunity to get started. This might be what you need or you have someone in mind that could really benefit from acupuncture and cupping. Either way, you may buy as many as you would like so one for you and one for your friends and family.

Acupuncture Promotional Code: bfnpacupuncture

Cupping Promotional Code: bfnpcupping

This offer expires at 12:00 am on 11/28/17. Once purchased, you have 90 days to redeem your treatments.