Acupuncture has been a great way to help reduce pain and inflammation in the body for many years. However, many people aren’t aware of the types of pain it can relieve. If you’re going through life in pain in any areas of your body and are running out of options, you should consider acupuncture for pain relief. Here are some of the stubborn pain areas you may be dealing with, but didn’t know acupuncture was an option for pain relief.

Sciatic Nerve Inflammation

Anyone who has sciatic nerve inflammation knows the burning and aching pains associated with it. The pain is a result of nerve inflammation, which has many different forms. Sciatic nerve inflammation is one of the top reasons why people visit an acupuncture clinic, so it’s a good choice to get acupuncture for pain treatments if you suffer from this condition.

Abdominal Acupuncture

Getting abdominal acupuncture for pain can treat people with pain in their neck, back and even the knees. One of the main benefits of abdominal acupuncture is the pain from the needle is less intense, since the needles aren’t inserted into any of your joints. Another advantage is the ability to provide pain relief in many different areas at one time. So while abdominal acupuncture may sound like it only treats abdominal pain, it does much more than that.

Neck Pain

Nothing can make you more miserable throughout the day than dealing with constant neck pain. Getting acupuncture for pain relief in your neck can help you go throughout the day without pain. And one of the best things about acupuncture for neck pain is the results are nearly immediate, so you don’t have to go in for multiple treatments before it becomes effective.


Stubborn headaches can be annoying to deal with. No matter how many different types of medications you take, you still may be suffering from headaches throughout the day. Sometimes the root cause of a headache may not be what you think, and that’s where acupuncture enters the picture. The benefit of acupuncture for pain relief is it can treat many different areas of pain that could be contributing to your headaches, and help get rid of them completely over time.

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