Many people approach acupuncture therapy with a certain level of skepticism, which is understandable to an extent. The main reason why there are so many questions to answer and myths to debunk is because of a lack of understanding of how acupuncture works. In order to truly understand the benefits of acupuncture, you have to learn about the process, what to expect and how it can help you before any fears or anxiety subside. Here are the most common myths surrounding acupuncture and why they simply aren’t true.

Acupuncture is Painful

Since needles are involved with acupuncture therapy, people automatically assume it’s painful. The reality is the needles used are so fine that they barely create discomfort on the skin. The feeling most patients experience is a little different than the usual pain from a needle, so it’s easy to associate the feeling as pain. Many patients describe the feeling as more of a “sensation” that goes away quickly.

Acupuncture is Only a Placebo

If acupuncture was a placebo, there would be no visible evidence of relief. Acupuncture is used in some countries, specifically China, as a pain relief alternative to medicine. And since acupuncture therapy is used in major surgical procedures, there is plenty of evidence the procedure is effective. Just by doing a quick Google search, you can find out how acupuncture is used in major procedures as a safe alternative to medications and anesthesia.

Acupuncture Only Provides Pain Relief

Many people use acupuncture for back pain relief and other types of pain, but there are many other uses for it as well. Research has shown acupuncture therapy to be effective in treating anxiety, stress, allergies, insomnia, depression, addiction and numerous other issues. As with anything, you need to consult a licensed acupuncturist to determine whether the procedure is right for your condition.

Acupuncture is Dangerous

Acupuncture needles are regulated just as much as needles for other medical uses. The only dangerous consideration regarding acupuncture is not seeing a licensed acupuncturist. When you visit a reputable professional with many years of training, education and experience, there are very few, if any, risks to acupuncture.

On Point Acupuncture & Wellness wants to help you understand the benefits of acupuncture therapy and debunk any of the myths you may believe. Our licenced acupuncturist in Southlake has many years of experience, multiple certifications and top-notch education to be able to administer effective acupuncture treatments. To schedule a consultation to determine whether acupuncture is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.