A headache is any sign of pain either in the head or the neck region. Team members at On Point Acupuncture & Wellness, treat headaches through a variety of methods with herbal medication, acupuncture or massage. You may choose acupuncture as an option when for Dallas headache treatment as it is proven to help with many success stories.

Types of Headaches

Medical experts agree on the existence of three types of headaches; tension-type headaches, secondary headaches and cervicogenic headaches plus migraines. Tension-type headaches have a higher occurrence than the other types.


Individuals suffering from tension-type headaches report mild to moderate pain around the whole head. They describe it as constricting as if a person’s head is in a tightening vice grip. They are recurrent and may last from between minutes to several days.


Migraines affect a lesser number of people than the other types of headaches. It shows more severe symptoms than other types. Among any population, migraines affect women more than men. Patients complain of severe pain on only one side of the head. Persons suffering from migraines may experience so much pain that they may suffer from loss of appetite, blurred vision, vomiting and even nausea.

Secondary and Cervicogenic Headaches

Some refer to them as secondary headaches since they symptomize other ailments. Cervicogenic headaches are recent regarding discovery. Not many people know about them. They are musculoskeletal (relating to the skeleton) in nature. In this case, the patient feels pain which originates from a different part of the body rather than the head. The perceived pain comes from the neck. You are in luck because Kalpesh Patel, L.Ac is aware of such headaches and thus expect the best treatment next time you are needing Dallas headache treatment. Secondary headaches are evidence of other ailments like high blood pressure, sinuses and allergies from other medications.

Acupuncture for Headaches

We will carefully insert needles into specific points on the body, and then stimulate the needles using electric pulses or manually. As is the case, migraines arise from the dilation of blood vessels, thus, we avoid points in the upper body which may dilate further the already expanded vessels. We thus exclusively dwell on the lower body. Other than migraines, acupuncture is appropriate for tension headaches, cluster headaches and secondary headaches. This treatment is advantageous as it has no side effects. It is a safe procedure since it is not as invasive compared with surgery.

Visiting Kalpesh Patel, L.Ac at On Point Acupuncture & Wellness, is the best decision you can make when you are needing Dallas headache treatment.