If you have not experienced acupuncture before then the idea of needles going in your body may be concerning. Those who have experienced acupuncture know that it is actually a pleasant experience. Licensed Acupuncturist Kalpesh L. Patel answers the questions of “does acupuncture hurt?” See video transcription below –

“Technically, acupuncture is utilization of fine needles that are inserted into the body. So, yes it can hurt, if not performed correctly. Now if you go to a licensed and trained practitioner, they should have the skillset and practice in terms of the needle technique, and to allow for a smooth and painless insertion. That’s exactly what I provide at my practice. I pride myself on my needling technique, and so for any patient that walks through my door I make sure that they’re comfortable the entire time that we’re doing the acupuncture. They should be able to either dose off or just relax there as they’re laying on the treatment table. There should be nothing painful throughout the procedure.”

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