If you’ve never had a traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment before, you may feel intimidated since you aren’t sure what to expect. You can rest easy knowing your first acupuncture appointment will be relaxed and stress-free, since the initial consultation is more about understanding your pain and discomfort levels. So when you search for the “best acupuncture near me,” you shouldn’t feel any anxiety about stepping into the office for your first appointment.

The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation at your first acupuncture appointment is always going to be comfortable. Your acupuncturist will ask you a series of questions to determine the severity of your pain, the duration of your pain and other concerns. What you may not be aware of is your acupuncturist will check your pulse and your tongue before undergoing any treatments. These measurements help your acupuncturist analyze the body at a different level rather than only asking questions.

First Treatments Are Very Conservative

Whether you need acupuncture for back pain or any other area of pain, the first treatment won’t be too intense. You’ll be asked to go through the movements that typically cause pain or discomfort. The acupuncturist will then do minor treatments to the affected area just to see how you react to them, and if you experience any relief at all. Again, the main objective of your first acupuncture appointment is to ensure your comfort, so you should be upfront with your acupuncturist about any discomfort you experience with the needles. You should realistically not feel much discomfort at all.

Develop A Long-Term Treatment Plan

Assuming you react favorably to traditional Chinese acupuncture, as most people do, you can then set up a long-term treatment plan with your acupuncturist. Depending on the type, severity and duration of your pain, you may only need 2-3 treatments over the course of a few weeks, or you may need to get treated several times each month for the foreseeable future. Regardless of the situation, you can work with your acupuncturist to set a plan that works best for you to most effectively relieve your pain.

The main goal of On Point Acupuncture & Wellness is to provide you with the best treatments possible to relieve any pain you may be experiencing. Our licensed acupuncturist, Kalpesh L. Patel, L.Ac., will take the time to ensure you are comfortable and confident before proceeding with acupuncture for back pain or any other pain. Be sure to visit our Southlake office or give us a call to set up your first acupuncture appointment.