When you’re considering getting an acupuncture treatment, finding the right acupuncturist can seem like a difficult process. And if you’ve never received acupuncture before, it’s tough to know what to look for in a professional. You could search for the “best acupuncture near me” in your search engine, but you still may have more questions than answers. Here are some of the top characteristics to look for when searching for the right acupuncturist.

Find Out The Acupuncturist’s Specialty

Many acupuncturists are skilled and experienced enough to be able to treat all conditions, but some of them only have a certain specialty. You need to ask whether the acupuncturist has treated your condition in the past, and if so, what the results were. Depending on the depth of the answer, you should get a pretty good feel for how confident they are in being able to treat you.

Choose A Licensed Acupuncturist Versus Certified

Some patients see the words “licensed” and “certified” as being interchangeable. The reality is there are major differences between the two. A licensed acupuncturist will have received about 3,000 hours of clinical training. A certified acupuncturist is only required to receive 100 total hours of training. With the detail and accuracy required with every acupuncture treatment, it’s best to work with a licensed acupuncturist since they have much more experience, education and training.

Ask About Types and Frequency of Treatments

Your acupuncturist can tell you all about the different types of treatments they offer. If they refrain from giving you the details about the types they offer, then you should see it as a warning sign that they may not be as experienced as they seem. Also, in order to set proper expectations, you should ask how many treatments will be needed for your particular condition. No acupuncturist should be able to tell you over the phone how they can treat you, unless they’ve visited you in person and did a complete diagnosis of your current health and health history.

Don’t Forget About The Cost

When you’re considering acupuncture for pain, cost may not be an issue. However, it’s important to at least inquire about the cost of treatments, since your insurance may not cover certain treatments. Eliminating any surprises is always good, so be sure your acupuncturist is transparent when it comes to pricing.

Kalpesh L. Patel, L.Ac. is the primary licensed acupuncturist at On Point Acupuncture & Wellness in Southlake. He administers many different types of acupuncture treatments to patients and is always transparent and upfront with patients about the treatments he recommends. If you’re looking for the best acupuncturist to treat your pain, contact us today to book an appointment.