There are many people out there that have never even tried acupuncture speculating that it does not work or that its in the peoples mind. I can understand why people could have those thoughts but thankfully I am constantly shown each and every day when a patient comes in and after one session they have true relief from different pains and issues. I put together a video and a short transcription below with my thoughts on if Acupuncture is fake –

“Another myth as far as acupuncture is that it’s a placebo. In terms of a placebo, that would mean that there would have to be minimal to no I should say, visible relief, or stimulus that’s encountered. In terms of what research that a person can do on their own, is if they were to search on simple, like a YouTube search, of acupuncture and anesthesia, acupuncture is utilized as the main anesthesia in China for quite a few different types of surgeries. And this is nothing that’s such as routine as maybe like a carpal tunnel, or a simple, minimally invasive knee procedure. I’m talking about open-heart surgeries performed with the patient being awake with acupuncture. So you can gage the effectiveness from it just by looking at those videos and understanding that there’s no medication involved, it’s just the acupuncture that’s keeping that person from, I should say, realizing how much pain that they’re actually in. And another thing with acupuncture is a misconception is that it’s voodoo, or witchcraft, or that it’s something that’s more in your head, as an assumption from, or suggestion, from what’s going on externally. I guess the opposing argument would be if someone’s incurred pain for 10 to 20 years, and the moment that they step into the office and start the acupuncture, is when they encountered relief.”

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