Kalpesh L. Patel L.Ac (Licensed Acupuncturist), of Natural Clinic Southlake, knows first-hand the healing power of acupuncture and alternative forms of medicine. Several years ago he had severe tendonitis due to a strenuous weight lifting regimen. He tried several types of Western treatment without pain relief. After having two acupuncture treatments, his tendonitis was relieved. The experience led him to pursue a career in alternative medicine to enable him to help others find healing and pain relief. Whether you need a Southlake headache treatment or another type of natural pain relief, Natural Clinic Southlake is the place to go.

Natural Headache Treatment

If you suffer from chronic headaches and have been unable to find relief or cure, try a Southlake headache treatment at Natural Clinic Southlake. Acupuncture relieves headaches, neck pain and migraines for many people who have consistently suffered from head pain.

History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture developed in China in ancient times. Its use continues to modern times. The technique of acupuncture uses solid, very fine needles inserted into specific spots in the body to treat various ailments. While scientists can’t explain exactly how and why acupuncture works to relieve headaches and other head pain, the resulting relief found by those who use acupuncture for a headache and other types of pain relief remains hard to deny.

The Theory of Acupuncture

The theory behind acupuncture states that inserting the needles appropriately stimulates the body’s ability to correct energy imbalances, thereby allowing the body to overcome pain or illness. According to the tenants of acupuncture, energy flows through the body through meridians. This energy is called “chi,” which is pronounced “chee.” According to the philosophy of acupuncture, if something disrupts the chi to the head, a headache might result. A qualified acupuncturist uses needles placed in the correct parts of the body to allow the chi to flow through the body, correcting the energy flow imbalance. When the chi flows correctly through the head and neck, pain relief occurs.

Some scientists believe that acupuncture causes the body to release endorphins and other natural pain-relieving chemicals into the system. However acupuncture works, it successfully treats headaches for many people. The treatments are painless, and the benefits are worthwhile.

The best way to know if acupuncture is an appropriate choice for your headache treatment is to make an appointment with Dr. Kalpesh L. Patel today. Dr. Patel gained a Master’s in Acupuncture from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine and further study at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin. He and the caring staff at Natural Clinic Southlake’s will analyze your symptoms and suggest the best route of treatment for your acute or chronic headache pain. Find the Southlake headache treatment you seek at our clinic.