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Chinese Herbal Medicine has a rich history spanning thousands of years of research to discover the healing effects of different plants, minerals and animal products on the human body. Contrarily, Western Pharmacy and Pharmacology -the science of drug action on biological systems- is relatively new and over the last century, has often relied on laboratory techniques to synthesize natural substances, many of which originated from the Chinese Herbal Pharmacopeia. Unfortunately, it is this process that often leads to higher toxicity and is arguably the reason why there are more side effects in over the counter and prescribed Western pharmaceuticals. 

Today, many in the West are turning to Herbal Medicine because of the very low incidence of side effects and the customizability of Herbal Formulas. In their raw, dried or minimally processed form, individual herbal supplements and herbal supplement formulas are prescribed in such a way that minimizes side effects and can be modified for your whole body to maximize benefits. After your personal consultation, your Acupuncturist, or in this case, your Herbalist, will create an herbal supplement prescription which can be administered as a single herb or as part of a formula made up of multiple herbs depending on your needs. There are different modes of administration including “raw” herbs that are decocted at home using a clay pot and stove, crushed powders that can be added to hot water, or pills and tinctures for on-the-go convenience. Based on availability, the patient and practitioner can decide what works best for them.

Becoming licensed to prescribe Chinese Herbal Supplements requires rigorous training at a licensed school and successful completion of the state board exam. In the State of Texas, Acupuncturists are the only licensed professionals required to have extensive training in Herbology.

Ready to try it out?
Ready to try it out?

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