Food Allergies are more Than Just a Stomach Ache

Food allergies cause more than just intestinal discomfort and gas. Some people who have allergies to certain foods may have trouble breathing or stop breathing altogether. Using acupuncture to relieve your food allergies may be just the ticket to avoiding the pain and discomfort of food allergies. Southlake food allergy sufferers may prevent a trip to the emergency room by seeing Kalpesh Patel, L.Ac, our Southlake acupuncture specialist.

One routinely successful route of treatment for food allergies and intolerances treated with traditional Chinese medicine respond well to the treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine aids people with some health issues that aren’t successfully treated by the methods of Western medicine.

For instance, food allergies prevent people from consuming dairy, wheat and other types of foods. Food allergies also cause sickness, discomfort and digestive problems for many sufferers. While avoiding food allergens keeps symptoms down, it is not always easy to determine the ingredients in foods that are you don’t cook yourself. Folks who suffer from food intolerance also discover relief in many instances when they use traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture to treat their food tolerance issues.

Food Allergies Treated with Acupuncture

Kalpesh Patel, L.Ac, Southlake acupuncture specialist, uses traditional Chinese medicine training and techniques to treat their patients. According to traditional Chinese medicine, illnesses and diseases come upon a person because their energy flow or chi has become out of balance. If the body reacts negatively to a particular food, the balance of the body’s system is disrupted, causing distress.

Chinese medicine in general, and specifically acupuncture, aids the body in its ability to process possibly irritating foods properly. After an acupuncture treatment, the body’s energies flow appropriately and blocked areas of energy flow unclog. The intestinal system becomes able to tolerate previously irritating foods and utilize the nuts, dairy products and other allergy causing foods offer.

How Does Acupuncture Work to Help Food Allergies?

Scientists don’t yet know exactly how acupuncture helps the body heal. But many healthier people say that using acupuncture helped them get over pain, food allergies and other health problems. Dr. Patel, the Southlake acupuncture specialist, uses tiny needles inserted in specific parts of the body releases blocked energy flow, according to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. No matter exactly how acupuncture works, it has been a source of relief for Southlake food allergy sufferers in distress for centuries.

To experience the healing power of acupuncture, contact Kalpesh Patel for Southlake acupuncture specialist. He and his caring staff offer considerate treatment for Southlake food allergy sufferers. Contact us today for a consultation, and get on your way to enjoying food again.