We get many questions if we do “Ear Acupuncture” (auricular acupuncture). Or we also hear, “can ear acupuncture help me with (blank)” Here is a video and the transcription below going over Auricular Acupuncture, as well as the benefits and how it works. See video transcription below –

“In terms of auricular acupuncture, which is also known as ear acupuncture, that can be used for quite a few different types of conditions, most namely smoking sensation. The NADA protocol that’s utilized for acupuncture can help someone in terms of helping with the jitters, the cravings that they get, helping their body detox the nicotine. It can also be utilized for other types of conditions such as weight loss. In terms of the auricular acupuncture, and logistical aspect of the treatment, it’s very easy to approach and to access for a practitioner. And so someone could be laying down without having to disrobe, and be able to place a few points and be able to treat the entire body from the ear. The ear is like a fuse box in a building, meaning, all the wiring runs through it. So you can treat your body from head to toe, aches and pains and internal organ-wise, with the ear. You can treat things from high blood pressure to digestive issues to whether it’s knee pain, there’s, I guess the possibilities are quite vast in just that type of approach. It’s usually utilized in more of a community-style setting. Community-style acupuncture is where it’s more semi-private. You’re more in an open room, and so that allows for much higher efficiency in terms of cost. So the treatments are generally cheaper, and it’s more of a setting to utilize, or I should say be utilized as a high frequency, versus maybe a semi-private treatment approach.”

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